Tuesday, October 26, 2010

How to make Bunka doll part 7

How To Make Bunka Doll Part 7 (English)
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we make a doll put on clothing last.

before putting on, sew around the clothing

like this way.

put it on

fold the margin to inside.

pull the string, gather the cloth,
and tie up the string on the back.
And cut up the string.

finished putting

reel ribbon around the neck

you put bond the back inside of ribbon to fasten.

reel ribbons around arms and legs, if you like.
you fasten them with bond.

And Finished! I named her Sakiko.^^

I made her with basic colors for Bunka Doll
(Red, and toy colors)
Try making your girls with your favorite colors and patterns.

If you consider selling Bunka Dolls,
go ahead and use my patterns, (if you need, make corrections.)
Of course you don't need to ask my permission cause Bunka Dolls are for everyone.^^
Good Luck!

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