Monday, October 25, 2010

How to make Bunka doll part 2

How To make Bunka Doll Part 2 (English)
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next we make a body and a head.

sew the side of body's cloth

take the side in the middle, and iron it.

like this.

put the legs into the body.

sew the body and the legs together

turn it over, and put cotton to the middle

sew the line straightly and close cotton

put in cotton and sew the line straightly .

fold those three points on the back, and fasten them.

the front looks like this. It became a body and a head.

Those ways above are just my arranged way,
To close cotton, the correct way is that you sew around body/head and gather them.
but I couldn't do this way well, so I arranged.^^;

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