Monday, October 25, 2010

How to make Bunka doll part 4

How To Make Bunka Doll part 4 (English)
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we next make a bonnet

fold and iron the bonnet (brim) cloth.

decorate with ribbon or lace.
I fastened with bond, but it'd be better to sew.^^;

sew the line

and gather the cloth

put the bonnet cloth on the hood cloth

like this

Iron the margin part, and make it flat.
(It's to sew easier)

sew bonnet and hood together
but don't sew the ends (around 5mm)(sorry dont know inch)
(It's to thread wire through it later)

like this

(remove the string for gathering cloth)

sew the back side

turn it over

prepare wire

bend the end of wire

Put it into the end of bonnet

thread wire through bonnet, and stretch the brim tight

bend the end of wire, and fasten it to the cloth with strings

bend the rest of wire again, and cut it off.

do the same to the opposite, and finished

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