Tuesday, October 26, 2010

How to make Bunka doll part 6

How To Make Bunka Doll Part 6 (English)
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next we make clothing

sew the three clothes

iron the margins

make the end line (?) in your favorite way.

I sewed it with the braid.

put bond on the sleeves parts.
it's to keep from run.
Pike (don't know in English) is better, but bond is also OK. I think.)

and cut in

fold sleeve clothes.
You don't need make margins to the sides of sleeves.
(btw, it's correct to use thick Ribbons for sleeves,
but I didn't have, so I used clothes instead.
If you use Ribbons, you don't need to fold of course.)

put it on the cut part, and sew the line (about 2mm) (don't know inch sorry)

curl sleeve, and sew the another side.

finished like this.

make the another sleeve too.

I forgot taking a photo but
you sew the back line like that and finish clothing.

It's a basic Bunka Doll's clothing.
If you want to make more dressy
please research other sites or books of making doll's clothing.
like, country doll, SD, DOD, and so on.
And you arrange the patterns.^^

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