Monday, October 25, 2010

How to make Bunka doll part 1

How To Make Bunka Doll Part 1 (English)
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We make legs first.

sew leg cloth and shoe cloth together.

iron it turning to the side.

sew the back side.

turn over it with tweezers or something.

like this.

the next we prepare sheet.

curl it by using a curled stick thing (I used a writing brush)

put the curled sheet into the leg.

put cotton into it.

putting the sheet is to make the leg look straight.
(If you don't, it'd be limp)

by the way, sheet is just in the part of white leg cloth.
(maybe you can't put it to the shoe part. I couldn't.)

fasten the end lightly

make the another one in the same way.

make arms in the same way.

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