Monday, October 25, 2010

How to make Bunka doll part 3

How To Make Bunka Doll Part 3 (English)
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next we make a face

prepare a cosmetic cotton, and face's cloth.

put a cosmetic cotton over the face.

put face's cloth next

To fasten, this is the correct way
(you sew around the face's cloth, cosmetic cotton and head together, and gather them)
but it was very hard for me!


I fastened one by one in order of the numbers.

the back side became like this.

and I fastened rest of rugged parts

The back side. how messy!

but I don't care as long as the front looks OK.^^;

make a rough on the face.

I used the tailor's chalk pen that lines disappear later
so I could draw freely.
Water also erase lines.

paint with Gouache

btw, here's a basic eye for bunka doll

draw in your style with your favorite colors.^^

make cheeks with a cosmetic cheek ("Rouge" in English?)
or pink pastels

tie up strings for hair

put bond on the head

put hair on it

the side

This is the most basic hair style for Bunka Doll.
If you want to make bobbed hair or curled hair,
please search other sites or books having tutorials of making dolls.
(like, Country Doll or Bisque Doll.)

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  1. many thanks! i was looking for a tutorial like this one everywhere! ^^